A Little About Us

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Who We Are

We  are a full service beauty salon and spa located in the Elmont /South  Floral Park area of Long Island specializing in healthy hair care.  Whether you are interested in natural hair care, transitioning,  chemically treated or interested in protective styles we can help you  achieve your hair goals. We use only the best quality products and  provide only the best service to ensure satisfaction. 

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What We Do

Lavish Beauty Salon & Spa is your one-stop-shop specializing  in healthy hair care, protective styles, makeup, skin care and nails  services. Our licensed professionals are here to help you achieve your  goals.  So whether it's hair care, skin care or service in between we  are here for you. 

Lavish Beauty Salon & Spa Hair Care Products

Lavish Wellness Shop

 We  use only the best quality organic, natural and botanical  products to  achieve optimal results. Many people underestimate the  effect  high-quality hair care products have on your overall health and   well-being. We ensure our all-natural products will help you with that   extra feeling of zen. If you fall in love, all these products are   available for purchase online or in salon!