Hair Care Tips - To Moisturize or Hydrate your Hair

Hair Care Tips - To Moisturize or Hydrate your Hair

With so many products on the market it's hard to decide which one may be right for you. Well rest assured, I am here to help you decide. Of course at our Beauty-Spa we offer only the best in organic and natural products, but aside from that I will help you decipher which product may be right for you and how or when to use them. So let's jump in!


What is a hydrating product?

A hydrating product, is one that is water base and intended to add moisture to hair in the form of being water-base.


What is a moisturizing product?

Although moisturizing products can hydrate the hair, the distinction is that most moisturizing products are majority oil base.


So the questions remains does my hair need water or oil?

As a rule of thumb your scalp produces its own oil know as sebum. The issue is because or curl/coil configuration oil from your scalp does not make it to the end of naturally curly hair, leaving the ends brittle and dry. The task is to figure out a way to moisturize the hair from root to ends .


How to add moisture to Kinky, Curly or Coily hair

It is my opinion that hair that is textured (curly, coily or afro) with high porosity need hydration. This hydration will help to restore brittle dry hair, because these textures love water. So when it doubt use hydrating products.


Hair that is straight to wavy

Hair that is straight to wavy will benefit best by using moisturizing products, as the sebum can easily travel to the ends of hair and works well with other natural oils, which may be added to the hair.


Does it matter which products are use when achieving a style?

Yes it does. When achieving a silk press on natural hair, would you prefer fry or steam. For most of us, steam will be the preferred choice. So in the case of using hot tools on textured hair using products like Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner and Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner will be the best choice. Pair this step with our Blow Dry Cream and Shine & Protect Heat Serum for best results.

In addition, moisturizing products can be used on hair of all textures. Ideally I would use our Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner on straight to wavy hair when achieving any style. These textures are already nourish by the hair' natural sebum and less prone to breakage. Heat styling for these textures I will follow-up with Blow Dry Cream and Heat Serum for naturally oily hair, and for hair that is normal to dry I would add the Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner. Kinky curly hair can also benefit from our Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. These products along with the Hydrating Leave in Conditioner can be used for textured styles such as bantu knots, twist outs and other styles. Be sure to let hair air dry or use a hooded dryer.I hope you found this blog helpful and be sure to email us with any topic or questions you will like us to address. Be Blessed! 

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