Mental Wellness - Finding the Balance

Mental Wellness - Finding the Balance

In these unknown climates, with the constant new development of #covid-19 and lifestyle changes it's easy to get lost or lose yourself. This is a stressful time for the nation and we can get trapped in the web of news media, social media and isolation for the natural world. For these reasons we have to be more vigilant about protecting our mental space! 

Myself, like many of you out there is battling with the same issues which has only just begun. So the question is "What do I do" and "How am I going to get through this"? It's not going to be easy, but I had to start somewhere. Creating a daily task for myself is the best way to navigate the time ahead, especially when you have been taken our track. In this blog I will share with you some of the things I did and hopefully it can help you.  

Eliminate All Stressors

I know I make it seem so easy, like all you have to do is snap your fingers and the stress will be gone. Although it is not so easy, but take that fight on at another time. No war is worth fighting without the right weapons. 

Stress weakens your immune system and until there is an effective treatment or new tested/proven resource to treat this Coronavirus, our bodies are all we have. So don't waste valuable energy on anything that will not strengthen you. Now that we've put all stressor to the back burner, let's move on.

Creating A New Routine

Whether you are creating a new routine or tweaking an already existing, one it's a must to establish a routine that will keeps you balanced. Creating a routine will also keep you discipline and make your days more purposeful. 

Below are some pointers of how I start my day.

  • Wake up with a prayer and gratitude, thankful to see another day.

  • Mentally scan my day, what has already been planned and whether I have space for anything else today. Making a note of everything in my phone as a task.

  • 5 minute stretch (like you did in gym class), then move on for a 10-15 minutes meditation. You can find these on apps like Calm or YouTube.

  • Take a nice warm shower, to clear my mind and relax my body for the day ahead.

  • Make breakfast and take my vitamins for immune support (Vitamin C, Iron and B12)

Side Note: This is just a guideline of how I start my day. I know many of you might have young children or are caretakers for people in your family, but it's very important to preserve yourself first. So whichever way you choose, creating a routine can make your day more purposeful.  

Learn to Disconnect

It's okay to disconnect! Take some time for you. As a parent or caretaker it can be hard to disconnect, but it's important to do so. Whether that means being in the bathroom a little longer than usual, staying in bed a little longer or simply turning off your phone. Just like our smart device or computer our brains get overloaded with information, making it harder to process certain things. So clear your cache to reset your mind as you take on this new day.

Knowing When to Rest

Now this is my struggle point. Knowing when to rest is very important. Like myself many of us are always on the go, whether it's physically or mentally. Either way it can get very tiresome. Don't let your body force you to rest. We get many warning signs of the body telling us to slow down, but unfortunately many of us (myself included) do not take heed. Get a head of the game, even if you do it slowly. Preserve your body and your mind, get some rest. 

I want to thank you for reading this blog. My hopes are to help many people who may be kind of lost at this time and just need a little nudge to get back on track. Our body it our temple and we must protect it at all cost. Staying with the notion that "Health is Wealth".

Be Well!

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