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Aloe Vera & Cucumber Under Eye and Face Glow Serum 1 oz.

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Our oil free liquid for face gels or eye serums. Specific actives have  been added to this serum/gel that reduce the dark rings from under the  eyes. The cosmetic properties have PAL-GHK and PAL-GQPR which reinforces  firmness and tone around the eye area. Chrysin and N-hydroxysuccinimide  promotes the elimination of blood originating pigments from under the  eyes and firm/tighten face. Aloe Vera and Vegetable Glycerine, Cucumber Extract is  included for its soothing and conditioning properties, with  anti-inflammatory and tightening abilities. This product does the job by itself, however its also available as Anti-Aging Face & Under Eye Serum.

Featured Ingredients: Aloe Vera and Vegetable Glycerine, Cucumber Extract

Free of: Mineral oil, parabens, PE Gs, artificial fragrance and dyes.

Skin Type:  All