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Castor Oil Scalp & Hot Oil Treatment 4 oz.

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Our Castor Oil Scalp and Hot Oil Treatment is made with  is made with 100% natural Indian  Castor Oil and certified organic Rosemary Essential Oil. Castor oil has been used for over 4,000 years to soften/nourish hair and skin. It is rich with essential fatty acid and  and essential oils. Castor oil can be used to seal and smooth hair cuticles and has anti-fungal properties. Combines with Rosemary essential oil, which is a mild astringent and growth simulator. 

Product Facts:

Hair Type: All
Key Points: Helps to regrow hair, aide in relieving dry  or itchy scalp, stimulate hair growth due to temporary hair lost. 
Key Ingredient(s): Rosemary Essential Oil (vegan)